Issues of the Heart

It is those hidden things that God wants to deal with in your heart. We pray, forgive, and deal with how we feel about people, places and things. That is all well and good but we have to know that after we deal with the initial words of faith we speak to God that it can be a process to deal with the pain of the hurt that has been inflicted on our hearts and minds. Apostles, Prophets, Bishops, and all of the five fold ministry need prayer and encouragement just like the babe in Christ. So often we think that they are so high on the pole that they are these super spiritual beings that don’t feel hurt, rejection, frustrations, and pain; but, I know that they do. God is calling for a generation of mighty warrior intercessors who will hold up and up gird the men/women in God who are pasturing, preaching and evangelizing.  Intercessors, who are willing to supplicate on behalf of those who need strength. Intercessors, who will pull down strong holds, warring in the spirit for those who can’t see, or need deliverance. Where are the watchmen on the wall, praying until something happens in the atmosphere. We need to get back to wailing and crying before the Lord. We need to become more sensitive to what God is saying in this very hour. We need to get back to laying before the Lord for the men and women of God, our families, our children, our nation, our president etc…

            God wants to deal with your heart, God wants to speak to your heart, God wants to heal your heart. That’s what Jesus died for so that we would be healed from the inside, down to the very depths of our soul. Those secret things in your heart, yes you are free delivered and healed, but pain comes and the process starts all over again. There is a balm in Gilead for your wounded soul. But I said I forgive them, I said its over, I rebuked the devil, the devil talks to your mind he has nothing to do with the affairs of your heart. That is God’s place. The devil can only speak things to you, you can receive it or not. As a result it can break your heart but that is not his purpose He don’t want to break your heart he wants to kill you and destroy you. Your heart is hurt as a result of what you take into it. The words of another, situation, circumstances; do you trust God, yes but there is yet still disappointments, let downs discouragement. Don’t get all deep on me and make it like it never visits your door. Even the most anointed and appointed in God goes through these feelings, and emotional pain, but the difference between us and the world is we have the word, the spirit of God and Jesus himself. We also have power and authority to overcome them all..


2 thoughts on “Issues of the Heart

  1. Debbie Chambers says:

    Thank you Minster Reed. those are very powerful words and we are all guilty of selfish praying. but u r so right we need to get back to praying for each other and our leaders. God Bless you!

    • pamellamreid says:

      Yes maam, we as the body of church must get back to praying and intercedeing and warring in the spirit rhelm. We must get back to a place of upgirding the men and women of God over us and pulling down the strongholds of the enemy. Be blessed and know that I am praying for you!

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