A Word and Declaration for Support: He That Warreth and The Elijah Movement


He That Warreth: The Restoration of the Office and Ministry of the Intercessor

The Elijah Movement: Intercessory Prayer Campaign


The purpose of the Elijah Movement Intercessory Prayer Movement is to assemble and unify all Intercessors in the Cities of America, under the common spirit of repentance and reconciliation, to usher in a breakthrough and outpouring of repentance, salvation, healing and deliverance in your city and the surrounding areas.

 We are coming together, crossing denominational, cultural and ethnic barriers, to do warfare for the restoration of this city as a territory of the Kingdom of God. We are organizing the Intercessory gifts to bind up every principality, power, dominion, throne, ruler of the darkness of this eroding world and spiritual wickedness in high places; to release a wave of healing and deliverance in America.

 We are a “tallit” covering over the Churches, Ministries, outreaches, leaderships, and people of God in America, as well as a hedge for City officials and governments. We have been assigned in this hour as the Watchmen on the Wall. 

 We are watching over the revelatory Word of God that has been assigned to this city, and the unfolding of prophetic events in relation to the Body of Christ in America and surrounding areas.

The Inspiration:

We have as revelation and hearing that every city has an assigned purpose; that metropolitan areas serve as central hubs for the region. 

We have as revelation and hearing that over a period of time when prayer has lapsed and intercession has stagnated and ceased in a city, the Word (mandate) for a city becomes vulnerable to corruption and suffers a decline in effectiveness and power.

At this point the god of this world, Satan, then takes as territory that city and the souls in it hostage for his purpose and the perpetuation of the antichristian culture. The city begins its progressive decline, both socially and spiritually, becoming bound in the culture of violence, addictions, lusts, unemployment, hunger, homelessness, brokenness, incarceration rise-an aggressive plummet in the condition and state of the communities of that city.

 We have as revelation and hearing that the spirits of witchcraft, divination, confusion, hypocrisy, idolatry and every other form of spiritual oppression runs rampant, creating an atmosphere of desperation, depression, hopelessness, brokenness and death.

 We have as revelation and hearing that when this condition has run its course, there is an inner outcry of the people in a need for liberty and freedom which reaches the ear of God. It is then that God prepares to restore the Word and move on the behalf of those who are crying out to Him. He calls back into activation the office and ministry of the Intercessor and the Prophet first as a frontline defense, paving the way for the complete and ultimate restoration of the that city and the people of God in it. 

 The Word of Breakthrough and Outpour comes through the mouth of the Prophets, guarded and watched over by the Priesthood (Intercessors)-that the mandate for the Body of Christ in that city be fulfilled.

We have as revelation and hearing that there may be some minor breakthroughs by way of individual ministries and their intercession ministries, but a city wide, corporate move of God is initiated by a corporate anointing and a move of the offices in that city.

The Elijah Movement is an answer to the call of repentance, sanctify, Intercede, reformation, outpour, revival, and harvest. We are set for the Will of God to be manifested in America and the surrounding areas, by way of forceful invasion of the gospel of the Kingdom of God; we stand in battle array to reclaim the city as a lawful and eminent territory of the Kingdom of God.

Spheres of Jurisdiction:

REPENTANCE. Every move of God in the Body of Christ, and operation in a city, is preceded by a sweeping spirit and call to repentance. As the priesthood, when God is ready to send a Word into the earth for the Body of Christ, He begins to activate and intensify the office of the Intercessor. As the priesthood of ancient had to “clean up” before entering in their course, so the Intercessors are called first to repentance and sanctification; along with a heightened sense of expectancy.

SANCTIFICATION. Once the call to repentance is addressed, the Intercessors will move to sanctify the office and prepare for the manifestation of the Word through the mouth of the Prophet. They will begin to consecrate, in fasting and prayer, in addition to a search of the Word of God. They begin to ready the people and stir up the expectancy of the Body.

INTERCEDE. This is the time when the intercession groups have an increase in activity, for the Word is then moving into the earth with signs and confirmations, and the office of the Intercessor is watching and guarding the revealed Word.

REFORMATION. Intercession then shift to the lining up with the fresh Word established in the earth. They begin to pray the strategic positioning of the Body in line with the Prophetic Word.

OUTPOUR. We pray for the perpetuation and the reception of the Outpour. This is the Move of God in the process of reviving the Body for ministry.

REVIVAL. We pray for the success of the Revival to breakthrough and deliver the city. We strategically move in on the territory of the enemy and pray for hostage rescue (salvation of the lost).

HARVEST. The fruit of the labor. When we receive the result of the Word and Ministry of the Body.

The Prophetic Vista of our Cities:

Ten years ago, a fresh Word was placed in the earth that increased the knowledge and revelation of the written Word of God, which propelled the Body of Christ into a position of prominence in the earth. Many ministries and congregations received the Word and were brought out of mediocrity into an explosion of wealth and membership growth; they went from mere storefront churches into mega-ministries with stadium packed churches, and coffers filled with wealth. According to databases that track mega churches in the United States there are 16 mega churches in Kings County out of the 40 in the State of Washington; Seattle is the seat (throne) of Kings County.

Whenever there is an increase in the knowledge and revelation of the written Word of God, there also has to be an increase of Intercession to cover and guard that Word. Intercessors watch over and guard the Word placed in the earth by the Godhead, through the mouth and proclamation of the Prophets, employed by the Apostles, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers.

The enemy knowing this, began to tempt many of the leaders who received that Word, they became rich, but neglected the intense establishment of the Office and Ministry of Intercession. This created a breach in the gates, in which the enemy crept into the pulpits of America, and corrupted the Word in the implementation. 

This is how the spirit of competition rose and partitions were erected that further separated the Body, and the Enemy had free reign of the communities, as well as the Churches. The watchmen either were sleeping, or were denied their ministry in the churches. This has birthed an atmosphere that we see prevalent in the city right now.

There is a spiritual warfare in which a “dominion” (territorial spirit) was assigned to the seat of every County and major metropolitan City in America. It is producing massive amounts of witchcraft, rebellion, and perversion in the city. It has been here since the breach 8 years ago. The dominion was ushered in by the rise of false prophets that were sent to redirect the move of the local Body; in other words they were sent to alter the course and Word (assignment) of the Body of Christ in America.

Without effective and consistent intercession, many of the Intercessors became either frustrated or became negligent of their course, and the Body suffered a great wound in this city; corrupted leaders, powerless services and worship, church closings and massive youth exoduses from the Body. The communities became callous to the Church, feeling alienated and forgotten. The outreaches suffered for there was no covering to take them into the necessary resources to continue operating at full peak or operating at all.

God has begun calling the Intercessors into a repentance and sanctification, that they may resume operation again at Kingdom level. The Elijah Movement is a warfare-based, prophetic and apostolic Intercessory unit that has formed for the specific purpose of breaking the stronghold of the territorial dominion of the kingdom of darkness of your City.


The primary objective of the Elijah Movement is to cover and intercede on behalf of the Body of Christ and the cities of America. We will then mobilize Intercessor workshops to train and develop Intercessors in Spiritual warfare and the Ministry of Intercession. We will host seminars to promote the office of the intercessor so that the Ministries can become more informed on how the ministry relates to the overall vision and movement of the ministry it is assigned to. We will also come and plant Intercessory groups in neighborhoods and cities as a means of covering that area.

We will meet every week to pray and discuss what the Kingdom of God is translating to the earth realm. We will build, empower and cover the Intercessors as they travel to their local Ministries and cover them.

We will have a blog and website associated with the Intercessory Prayer Movement, as well as a newsletter.

We are not attempting to thwart the local Intercessory Ministries of the local church, but we are strengthening it by corporately assembling to release a corporate and wide-ranged geographical covering.

We have published a book entitled, He That Warreth: The Restoration of the Office and Ministry of the Intercessor. We are asking the Body of Christ to assist us in pushing this NOW WORD into the areas where they reside, that it may propel the Will of God(in this hour) into the earth.

Please Support this work, and help us get this book out into the hands of the Intercessors.



If anyone sees an area of improvement please do not hesitate to contact me and let me know. If you are interested in involving the Intercessors of your Ministry or you are an Intercessor and desire to unify your calling with this effort and cause please contact Minister John L. Hairston at:

206-240-7133 or by email at johnhairston@revolutionaryministryconcepts.org

May Our Lord be Pleased,

The Elijah Movement Intercessory Prayer Campaign 

The Territory of Seattle


Prophet John L. Hairston, Intercessor

Written by: John L. Hairston


2 thoughts on “A Word and Declaration for Support: He That Warreth and The Elijah Movement

  1. Tom Neel says:

    Thank you for you kind comments about my posting. god is doing great things in these last days.
    “God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the ones he calls”

    Tom Neel
    816 830 0500

    • pamellamreid says:

      True that Brother Tom! He does! It’s not about us it is about what God is doing through Jesus to restore and reconcile a lost world back unto himself. We win in the end, but after he has saved us he then wants us to turn around and use us for his glory to reach those who are still sick and suffering. Be encouraged and continue to do the work of an evangelist, in and out of season. Speaking the truth in love.

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