Praying in the Holy Ghost

God tells us in his word that we don’t know what to pray for, but the holy ghost which reside in us will intercede on our behalf with groanings that can’t be understood. The holy ghost knows the heart of God and will reveal to us in our time of worship to God what God is saying to us. For me in my time of prayer and intercession, I get stuck and that is o.k. because then I begin to pray in the holy ghost and it intercedes on my behalf and tell God what I can’t form with my lips, and God understands exactly what I am trying to say to him. I love the Lord today, because those around me don’t know how I feel, but God does, people can identify and relate to what I say when I try to explain what I am feeling, but only God truley understands how I am really feeling. Sometime I dont even know how I feel but when I began to pray in the holy ghost ( the evidence of speaking in my holy language as the spirit of God gives utterance) there is a release in my spirit. I feel refresh, encouraged and edified in God. When I pray in the holy ghost no man understands what I am saying in my heavenly language because I am only speaking to God. Then God goes a step further and gives us the interpretation of what we are trying to say. He gives us interpretations at times of what someone else is saying in the spirit. Glory to God. The bible tells us in the book of Acts the 2nd chapter and the 38 verse, that we must repent for the remission of our sins, and that he would give all the gift of the holy ghost with the evidence of speaking in tonges. He says that it is a promise to all who are called by his name.

    If you are not filled with the gift of the holy ghost I encourage you to aske God to fill you today, My life has not been the same. It is power to live right, power to love right, power to walk and talk right. It is power to become witness to God, for the bible says that after the power of the holy ghost has come upon you, you shall have power to be his witness. All I know is what it has done to and for me. I am so filled and when I become empty He only fill me over and over and over again. If you believe in the scriptures out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water. And you shall never thirst again.

Be Encouraged love you

Pamella Monique Reid


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