Overcoming Your Past

I am so glad to be free from my past, the hurt, resentments, and the insanity. Whom the son sets free is free indeed. I no longer today have to hold on to things I have to power to change because the past is the past and it is already gone. I can change only my today, how I allow it to affect me today. We are powerless over other people and how they act or treat us, but we do have power to choose to believe God and walk in the Victory that was already won by Christ Jesus. We no longer have to live in defeat and delusion. Jesus died so that we could be healed from the inside out. I am still in a process of healing, and God is so good because he has me focusing on me, what part I play in my life. Not what they did, said, or doing to me. But what am I doing to myself. We are our worst enemy, not those around us but the inner me is my worst enemy. People are going to be people, but we must make a decision to love them inspite of. Jesus loved us enough to die for us, he loves us enough to continue to work on us as we help ourselves. As we trust him, living for him and presenting ourselves unto him as living sacrifices to him. It is our past that can be used as a catapult to shoot us into our future destiny, or we can work against it and allow our past to keep us bond in a place of defeat, self-pity and resentment. We must walk in forgiveness and realize that we have hurt some people, lied on some folks, we have abused, manipulated and just was plan ole evil. But for the grace of God we would be still lost in our sins destined for hell. But God!!! and his grace and mercy!!!

     So much do we want and pray for the forgiveness of Jesus, we repent and expect a speedy restoration of fellowship, and the bible tells us that if we confess our sins that Jesus is faithful and just to do just that. But it also tells us to forgive those who tresspass against us as our Father does for us. Don’t we realized that if we hold resentments and oughts against people who hurt us and are mean to us that we are standing right at the door of judgement. Yes it hurts and God knows that, he is not hiding his face from your pain. But I believe tha t God is asking us to get another perspective and try looking at the other person for a minute. They are hurting and in pain, remember hurting people hur people, healed people heal people. Pray for them that they are healed and delivered. We can be so selfish at times and only think about ourselves, but forgetting that we too we wreched and have hurt people down deep.

   Lets forgive others and lets forgive ourselves as well. We are not who we use to be and if you are then today is the day of salvation, repent and Jesus will come in and wash you from all unrighteousness. The past is over, today is a new day, deal with today. How do you feel, share it with the father in prayer. He is waiting to hear from you, he loves you with an everlasting love and wants to be close to you. Journaling is always good to talk about the real feelings that come up, give them to Jesus for he cares for you and how you hurt. He wants to heal you. Be encouraged and wait patiently for the Lord. Stand, and overcome your past.

Pamella Monique Reid


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