Its A New Season

It is a new season, I know that you hear that a lot. Today is your day, and you have to believe that for yourself. You must believe that what God word says about you is true. It is not just a song or cliche’. You have to know that today is your day for a miracle. Let me help you, everyday you get up is a blessing, a miracle. You could have slept away but God woke you up. Anytime you can place your feet on the floor when you get out of the bed, you are walking in the blessings of God. O.k. someone who may not be able to walk may be reading this, guess what you are reading this and that my friend is a blessing. Count them. Don’t complain about what you don’t have, or what you need. God already knows that, but if you would begin to worship him with all of your heart, soul, and mind you would place yourself in the way of a miracle. That means something that you or no one else can do, only God can do this. Trust God for the impossible in your life. Believe and receive all that God has for you. This is a new season, it’s a new day. Everyday you rise from sleep it is a day filled with new mercies, fresh anointing, a new day to do better than you did the day before. A fresh day to walk in the cool of the day with your God. To seek him different, to talk to him, to get a fresh vision and another diminision of understanding.
Everyday is a beautiful day, a good day. We are only suppose to have bad moments. Don’t ever again allow a whole day to go where you murmer and complain, walk in resentments or dispair. It will come, but dont let it live there. Kick it out and tell it that there is no room for it. And begin to worship God and watch him fill every empty space in your heart. He will give you a different perspective and view of what is going on. And teach you how to war in the spirit, pulling down strongholds and speaking life over every area of your life.
So it is a new season, it is a new day, a fresh anointing is coming your way
It is a season of power and prosperity
It is a new season, walk in it.

Pamella Monique Reid♥


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