God ” The Keeper”

I want to thank Jesus for being who He is. God!!  I know him today to be a keeper. I knew before, but God has a way of showing things that you have never seen in him before. For three hours our porch was on fire and nothing not the smoke or the fire entered into the house.  The kitchen is right by the back porch and there is not even smoke on the walls. Glory to God.  Only God is able to keep you and me like that. When we walked out of the house that is when the smoke began to fill the house and glass began to break. Think about that, the very small back porch was on fire for three hours. I was on the couch sleep and smelled nothing. I woke up about 12:15 and went up to my bed room and went back to sleep, never smelled smoke or seen fire. I woke up at 2:45 to the smell of faint smoke but did’nt think nothing of it. I went into the hallway and seen nothing so I layed back down.

Then I heard my sister wake up and go down the stairs, she came back up and said we have a fire we got up and went outside. The fire just stayed contained to the back porch. She immediately called 911 and about 15 minutes later fire trucks and E.M.S. was there. They put it out found out what it was and fanned out the house. Another family member had taken the ashes that was inside of the grill, “ashes” I seen them for my self. she placed it in a box and put on the back porch. They left at about 4 to go take my grandfather some dinner at the nursing home and then to take my mother and sister home.  I watched a movie, took a small nap and never smelled anything.. My sister came in went into the very kitchen to and smelled nothing. God is good and I know him today more than ever to be a keeper, and protector.  Our God is an awesome God.

The blood and it’s application is so very important. You need the blood of Jesus to wash and cleanse you but also to protect you from all hurt harm and danger. God is a shield for me my glory the lifter up of my head. Thank you for reading my story…You are blessed.


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