Intercession/ Not just about you!

In prayer God is calling us to a place of intercession. That is not just about us. I challenge you to began to intercede for those in africa, europe, in your city, town, and house. You may already be doing these things, I would encourage you to go higher. Pray and begin to spend time in intercession for your enemies. Not just a small Lord I forgive them help them, but a laying on the floor covering them also in fervant prayer. We are more selfish in prayer that we think. Start today, God I pray that you would take us to another level or intercession, another level of prayer, another level or worship in our secret time with you. Forgive us where we are being selfish and self-centered. Cover our hearts with love, help us to pray with love and compassion for all. For it is your will concerning us. Breakthrough in our lives Lord, help us pray till something breaks, open the flood gates of heaven. No more praying for things and about foolish stuff, But Lord we need more of you, more of your glory. More of God.. In Jesus name amen.


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