When I title this volume walk I mean, as a woman of God i am learning that regardless to the ups and downs of life on life’s terms I must continue to walk forward no matter what. When I tell you that it can be challenging I mean that it can at times be utterly out of control over the top. When, When, when, I say that it is all working together for the good, I had to learn through experience that it is so….It is no longer a cliche’ that I rehearse because it is what I have read in the bible….I don’t always like the process to getting to the other side of understanding however, it is the only way. Yes, we can read books, I’m in college and I am learning  how to perfect my craft and learn new skills in the profession of Human and Social Services. This does not give me the empathy and compassion needed, life and experience gives me that. Just as my experience doesn’t give me the knowledge in how to deal with such issues such as public health and understanding their importance.

Coupled with what life has taught me and what I am learning in school will make me, I believe, the best candidate in my field to activate change. Does that make me better than others in my field, I would say no, It would only make me awesome in how I deal with and relate to people and any given situation….o.k. which brings me to the next thing I want to share concerning this thing I’m  into with these bling shoes with a butterfly on it…. While in my fourth semester in college I was in a class that helped us to focus on some past barriers that may interfere with our present moving forward in completing our education. Also, we worked on things such as first year experience where we talked about being the first in our family to attend college and how that relates to us finishing as well. Talking about whether we have outside support and how we could develop a support system/group in our school I came up with the group Butterfly Within. I was so excited that many women were happy to let me know that would love one, however, I think that based off of some of our past dealings with other women it keeps us from wanting to be in a support group with other women.

Walking is something I know too well….


random thoughts, learning how to put thoughts together and write effectively and properly.


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