Doing it Again

Faith Has Made You Whole!

There Is A Balm In Gilead

This a life where we as people get to do things all over again. Unlike animals we are able to mess up, and when God allows us a chance, we can do it again and again. It is only through a heart of true repentance for me when I turn from what is so painful and wrong for me, I am able to pick up where I left off with more experience and know how to do things just a little better than the last time. Most of us take for granted what miracle it is to wake up each day with a mind to want to live right. It is more than a notion when by nature through the fall of man we have hearts that want to do what they want to do and get it how they live. That is our nature until we turn to God. Believe and receive Him, accept what He did on Calvary and ask Him into our hearts so that we may then be changed. We need a new heart and a transformed mind washed by the word of God. Left to ourselves we can behave for awhile, but even our own goodness is as filthy rags in the sight of God…..

I want to be more than just a person who knows how to behave every now and then, I want to be changed from the inside out. I want to be pleasing to the Father….. He has allowed me to do it all over again, and I am grateful….I have on several occasions backslide, relapsed like the prodigal son I walked out of the masters hands and when I couldn’t take the pain of how I was living and all of it’s insane consequences, I ran home only to find Him waiting right there to restore me back to my place in Him. He is, Jesus, My God that is, is a merciful King. I love Him…….I write what I know, what I lived, my experience, my strength, my hope.