When Life Says No

There will be times when we see things not going the way we thought. This can be frustrating and at times over whelming. For me I always want things to go the way I see them in my head. However, this is unrealistic. Though they sound good when we talk about them, and look good when we see others doing them, and get this one; doing the dog on thang only for it to blow up in ya face, it is a question as to if this is what is best for you.

Eveything we want is not for us. Did God say it? Is it a part of our journey and purpose? When I look at these questions for myself, I have to pray and ask God so that I might get the honest answers. I, in and of myself don’t necessarily know what they are but I know that he (God) does. For he has created me for his good pleasure and purpose. Yes, God knows the desires of my heart. Do they line up with his desires for me? Right now I can say though I have a little bit of a good answer as to what I am called to do, I still need his direction and illumination to walk it out.

Life has a way of allowing us to know what is and what is not for us. I keep trying and I keep pushing and I continue to walk doing what I feel God is saying to me. A lot of times I mess up, make mistakes, and give push backs on what I am doing and believe that I am suppose to be doing at any time. In these times I consult with God not always perfectly, but I am aware that I can do nothing without him. Starting over, failing, doing it again, then messing up, trying and trying and trying. This process is so aaaaGGGGHJJJHHH!!!!

But no matter what I can never give up! Giving up for me is destructive and plain ole’ insanity, and it tends to lead me  to a place o dispair and depression. I hate being depressed and so I have to continue to rise from out of the ashes and seek a place of peace and rest in God who is the author and finisher of my faith. Life will say no, even when God says yes, but wait a minute because I am developing your character and your attitude. Just not right now.

God will provide, He will make a way, He will lead, guide, and direct our steps…

orange flower with butterfly

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


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