Single Mothers Unite

Raising a 13 year old daughter is sho nuff exciting, fearful, and unusual. They are growing in a perverse world filled with hate, crime, and lust. It is scary sometimes to have to talk about, but it is important that we in this day in time to speak with our daughters about sex, homosexuality/lesbianism, and how to build a character in a nation that is shoveling hip hop, drugs, and abuse down the very necks of or children.

Parents look into your childrens notebooks, their phones, and tablets. Search their draws and look for things and signs of worldly things that can lead them astray. Having to keep it real and honest with our families is vitally important. I remember my mom talking to us her three daughters, but she didn’t quite know how to share what it is really like out in the streets. We were not raised in the church like that though we attended and I knew that we came from a background of Pentecostal background.

My mom in her backslidden state at the time was a hard mom and a mother who believed in spare the rod you spoil the child. However, when not mixed with proper communication and love will at times cause the youth to go to the streets, the very place that we try so desperately to protect them from.

We try with all of our mights to keep them from having to experience what we did in our rebellion, it won’t always work. Our jobs as parents I believe is to give them love, understanding, and an open forum to be able to share and discuss how they feel. We have to arm them with proper information to help them. They will depart, why because they have to learn and grow as we did. Put it in them….

I didn’t listen to my mom and had to endure lots of hardship. Now I can look back and hear all of her words of rebuke,  warning, and caution. I believe that because of our nature to sin and rebellion we hear but we don’t hear, cause I understand that as children we had to go through and experience our own level of pain to grow.

So parents of youth today, look, pay attention, search, share, speak with, pray for your and those around you. Especially, for the parents that they would grow and mature and heal what would keep them from being the parents to the gifts that God has given us. Our Children.

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