Doing it Again

This a life where we as people get to do things all over again. Unlike animals we are able to mess up, and when God allows us a chance, we can do it again and again. It is only through a heart of true repentance for me when I turn from what is so painful […]


  When I title this volume walk I mean, as a woman of God i am learning that regardless to the ups and downs of life on life’s terms I must continue to walk forward no matter what. When I tell you that it can be challenging I mean that it can at times be […]

Rejected To Greatness

   Rejected To Greatness           God can do anything but fail. If things are not going the way that you thought, well it is not supposed to. Many times things will not go the way we want them to go. We have these preconceived notions, thoughts, and visions of God doing things like this […]

Intercession/ Not just about you!

In prayer God is calling us to a place of intercession. That is not just about us. I challenge you to began to intercede for those in africa, europe, in your city, town, and house. You may already be doing these things, I would encourage you to go higher. Pray and begin to spend time […]

What a mighty God we serve

My question to you is who do you serve, What are you serving for? Is your worship for real? I want you to inneract with this blog and tell me why you do what you do? I serve the Lord number one because when I was yet in my sins Jesus came and died for […]

God ” The Keeper”

I want to thank Jesus for being who He is. God!!  I know him today to be a keeper. I knew before, but God has a way of showing things that you have never seen in him before. For three hours our porch was on fire and nothing not the smoke or the fire entered […]