My Faith Walk/Walk With Me As I Walk With Jesus

My God it is more than a notion to step out of the boat as Peter did into a raging sea. Believing and trusting that God will not allow you to sink and drown. I recently moved to Alliance, Ohio stepping out in faith to believe God for what he had showed me in a vision. Alll was a go, I heard God in prayer say yes, go I’m with you. I’ll provide for you. All them scriptures got to coming up, how He’ll supply all of my needs according to His riches in Glory in Christ. I trust God, but how many know that God will allow you to walk into somethings that will challenge you faith for real. You know we quick to say, “Oh, I trust you Lord but faith without works is dead. I came to Alliance, Ohio not to a home, a job or nothing, But I stepped out in faith believing that God would direct lead and guide me.

This is written for me and you, let’s see what God will do with my faith. His word say’s without faith it is impossible to please him.  I’ll will keep you posted on the many things, the good, bad, indifferent. So far I am very uncomfortable, but I trust God. In prayer time I only hear God say to me that He is here with me and to trust him…


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