Sister’s Of Naomi

The Sister’s of Naomi is a ministry that is apart of  True Holiness Temple. Where the Apostle is Albert E. Dixon and the Assistant Pastor is Bishop Anthony Dixon. The Church is located at 7710 Euclid Avenue here in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Sister’s of Naomi is an extention of the Women of Worship which is run by our First Lady Yvette Dixon the wife of Bishop Anthony. Lady Yvette is the President and the Vice President being Barbara Brown. Ericka M Davis was nominated to be the Leader and Mentor of The Sister’s of Naomi in 2011. Ericka Davis is a Teacher, Writer, and Speaker who is loyal, determined, and faithful to the work of the Lord. She is also apart of True Holiness Temple’s Praise Team and Choir.

The Sister’s of Naomi minister’s to women between the ages of 35-50 years of age. Women that come from all walks of life seeking to grow and mature in the things of God. We meet once a month to fellowship, share our experience strength and hope, to be there for one another. The mission and purpose of the Sister’s of Naomi is to build women that will visibly demonstrate that a Holy life is the best life. We want to minister to the hurts and pains of broken women to encourage and edify them in the things of God.

The Sister’s of Naomi are women who reach outside of the body to minister the love and salvation of Christ to the lost. Our goal is to go into all the world and lift up the name of Jesus so that salvation of souls is accomplished in the earth. God has called us for such a time as this. To heal the sick, pray and interceded for the lost and hurting souls, to raise the dead, to loose the chains, and preach the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

My name is Pamella Monique Reid and I am the secretary and administration. A help and armour bearer to the ministry of the Sister’s of Naomi. I am a minister of healing and deliverance in the area of broken women and children, in drug and alcohol rehabilitation and domestic violence. My role in the Sister’s of Naomi is to outreach to the lost and still broken remnant of God’s chosen. My passion is women and their complete healing and deliverance in their minds, hearts and souls.

Sister’s Of Naomi

Pamella M Reid/Administrator


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