When Family Forsake You!


At the request of one of my readers. I want to talk about family. Family is appointed to you by God and it isn’t nothing we can do about it. You know you would like to exchange families sometimes, or you may wonder who’s family is this. My family was not perfect but nevertheless it was my family. In the immediate home it was o.k. My mom and her mate was there and me and my three sisters. Even though it was two people there it was not the same because it was not “my” father. I was filled with pain and resentment to the 5th power. My mother did the best she could with what she had. As children we can be so selfish and self-centered because we want what we want the way we want it. We don’t too much care about how someone else feel or what they could be going through. It is only when we become adults that we begin to understand that mother, father, cousin and whoever may have hurt us didn’t mean to. Most of the time they are only products of their enviorment like we were. But we can get within our mind and want to play the blame game of should’ve, would’ve, could’ve. If they would have only acted the way I wanted them to, if they would have only did what I said, that is called the ISM, I, Self and Me.

God in His word tells us that when mother and father forsake us that He would be our stay. God promises in His word to never leave us nor forsake us. That He would be with us until the ends of the earth. And at first for me that was hard to understand, because my life and heart ache was filled and conditions with people loving me and then leaving me. In time I learned that God is not like man. God is not a man that He should lie. Abuse and neglected from anybody, not just our families, but that boyfriend or girlfriend that promised to love us forever; leaves us feeling abandoned and without hope. I can remember countless boyfriends telling me they love me only to leave me for someone else or an unknown reason. Look at that, looking for love in all of the wrong places, because it shouldn’t be countless boyfriends. In my life I was hungry for love and because I didn’t get it at home in a healthy way I sought it from outside of myself. Love is suppose to start in the homes. Unfortunately it doesn’t all of the times. Weither there are two parents or not love should be there. Parents are broken as well. Parents have not been loved appropriately leaving their children unloved by them. It is just a vicious cycle. When will someone take a stand and begin to break, and destroy the stronghold.

Today I choose to be the one who breaks the cycle in my family. I know your mother, your father, they, she, he, they. Today I challenge you to press, forget those things which are behind and press.  I know it hurts, I am right here with you but you must start some where. I had to start out with some outside help. I have to talk, vent, and journal with much prayer. God is healing me from the inside out. One day at a time. I was forsaken, abandoned, and abused. It was not my fault, It was not there fault either. For we fight not against flesh and blood, this thing is spiritual. And I always keep in mind that hurting people hurt people. You wish they would have loved you, well they wished someone would have loved them too. Forgive, that you may be forgiven of the Father.  Is it simple, no! It is a challenge; but, God says in his word to be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication let your request be mayed known unto God!!


Healing is a process, submit to God and in due time He will exalt you, deliver you and heal your broken heart, binding all of your wounds.

Be encouraged

Pamella Monique Reid


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